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Association of Personal Historians

Norcal Regional Coordinator       2008-2010
Membership Director   2010-2011
Vice President   2011-2012
Special Occasion Books

Special Occasion Books

These are generally little books that focus on a particular milestone, such as high school graduation, a fiftieth wedding anniversary or a retirement celebration.

Again the client decides what to include. Frequently there are interviews with the celebrants, their family and friends. Special Occasion Books offer an opportunity to review the past in a significant moment in the present and to envisage the future from that same point in time.


“I felt I was in good hands throughout the manuscript preparation and printing process. Susan was always sensitive and responsive to my needs.”

Mariam Kelley

“A few years ago, I found out that my father had kept a journal since he was sixteen. After learning about Susan’s business of creating books as family legacies, I asked my father if I could turn his journal into a book. He was thrilled when he saw the volume that Susan had created. This was the best gift I could have given him. And we came to know that man who was our father.”

Kathryn Pontecorvo