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Association of Personal Historians

Norcal Regional Coordinator       2008-2010
Membership Director   2010-2011
Vice President   2011-2012
Sample Projects

Sample Projects

Berenice Harris: Personal History
Details and stories from nearly 100 years in the life of a Wisconsin schoolteacher are augmented by precious family photographs.
(63 pages)
Keep Finding Your Luck
The indomitable grit and courage of the narrator enabled him to survive and thrive in business and in life.
(171 pages)
Answered Prayer
The author chronicles her growing commitment to and contentment with the philosophy and practice of Christian Science.
(101 pages)
Family Stories: My Remembrances
Stories about each of the author's ten siblings are accompanied by photos and followed by a section about family holidays and traditions.
(50 pages)
The Life of a Young Boy in the Dutch East Indies and Holland in the 1930s and 1940s: Mr. Windrich movingly tells about his life in a Dutch colony, which, during World War II, was occupied first by the Japanese and then by the British before becoming the independent country of Indonesia.
(61 pages)
My Personal Journal as a Baptist Minister
Reverend Hotaling's journal entries, which begin in 1932 when he was sixteen and end in 2006, recount the obstacles that he faced and overcame, including an unforgettable account of his military service as a chaplain at Iwo Jima.
(187 pages)
Thanks for the Memory
Based on ten interviews, this memoir speaks about the small and large struggles of an intelligent and sensitive woman in the pre-feminist era.
(119 pages)
Family Business: The Personal Side of Crowley Maritime
The author fondly captures the essence of her father and brother in this tribute to them as loved and loving family members.
(101 pages)
The Story of Bowles Farming
Five members of the Bowles family and three employees recount the story of Bowles Farming from its inception in 1965 to its 50th anniversary in 2015.
(100 pages)
Conversazioni con Maria
This book contains transcriptions of talks I had with my mother-in-law in the summer of 2013. The book has been printed for her ninetieth birthday on February 13, 2016.
(60 pages)
Lessons Learned
This warm-hearted book is comprised of stories told by a narrator who spent twenty-six years (1956-1981) in the United States Army as a Ranger and as a member of the Special Forces. After his retirement from the military, he worked in gambling regulation. In this book, he shares his stories about both worlds. (100 pages)