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Publication Services

Publication Services

The delivery of the book to the client is a gratifying, celebratory moment.

"What a happy moment it was to receive the book of my late husband's childhood memoirs! Our granddaughter couldn't put it down."

Gertrud Windrich


Printing Options

  • Digital or electronic transfer
    The fastest and least expensive method, it is generally used for short runs of 25 to 250 copies
  • Offset (transfer of an inked image onto paper)
    Giving higher quality images and more choices of colored and textured papers, this option is often the best for runs of over 250 copies and for books that will be
    hard bound.
  • Letterpress (when the raised surface of the type is inked and then pressed against the paper)
    This lovely printing option is often used for wedding announcements and business cards. It would be a suitable choice for hand-bound books.

Binding Options

  • Softcover with perfect binding
    In this case, the pages are bound with hot, flexible glue to the inside of the cover.
  • Hardcover, either with perfect binding or sewn signatures
    Typically the signatures (sections of twelve, sixteen or thirty-two pages) are sewn together, reinforced with adhesive and fused to the cover with a hot-melt glue.
  • Hand bound
    Since this is the least automated option, it is used for high-quality books that are usually bound in leather.

Cover materials are typically printed and laminated paper, cloth, buckram, imitation leather or leather.

We are open to other options, such as scrapbooks, depending on the client’s needs.

We assist clients in deciding on these options based upon a number of considerations, such as the number of copies to be printed, the type of supplementary material, the size of the book and the client’s budget.

Once the book is delivered to the printer, galley proofs are run off. These are proofread and approved by the client and by SML Publishing, and then the books are printed.