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Association of Personal Historians

Norcal Regional Coordinator       2008-2010
Membership Director   2010-2011
Vice President   2011-2012
Philosophy and Vision

Philosophy and Vision

Every life deserves to be remembered. Both eventful and seemingly uneventful lives are filled with special moments—tender, humorous, sad, frightening, uplifting—which, taken together, form a tapestry of an individual’s existence. It is these memories, these moments that SML Publishing would like to capture in print.

For storytellers, the process brings into focus many factors such as events, actions, decisions and values. Often, new understandings come as well when certain threads in the pattern begin to stand out.

For narrators’ families and friends, such books are treasured connections not only to the past but to the present and the future as well. Just as you would have appreciated messages from the past, from your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, so will your descendants appreciate reading about what you choose to share with them. These communications are your most enduring and meaningful legacy.

Our vision is to create as many such connections as possible to give individuals a sense of family and to give families an understanding of the individuals who have been part of them.


“I really love that I’m going to have this book forever. Thank you for helping my grandfather put it together.”

Andrew L.