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Association of Personal Historians

Norcal Regional Coordinator       2008-2010
Membership Director   2010-2011
Vice President   2011-2012
Family and Institutional Histories

Family & Institutional Histories

For Family or Institutional Histories, we collect information from as many participants as possible along with photographs, letters, genealogy charts, maps and other documents that are to be included in the final manuscript.

Sometimes clients wish to focus on a specific period of time but more commonly they would like to include most if not all of the information that is available.

As always, the choice is yours.


“I asked Susan Luccini to edit my book and help me find a graphic designer for the cover. She did all that, keeping within my budget, and the end product was simply amazing. An added bonus was working with a very pleasant lady who worked very hard to make everything the way I envisioned it. Susan has become a dear friend as well as a professional resource. I highly recommend her publishing company to everyone.”

Adrienne McWhorter